Life on the road

As I mentioned yesterday, my day begins with two poached eggs on rye. Pretty boring but a little less calorific than biscuits and grits.

I love the ambiance of the 80's dining room with dated stained glass, pretend ivy with party lights, heavy curtains, a few long pheasant feathers thrown in for decoration, dark furniture and my breakfast served by "Betty" who has been doing the same thing for almost 40 years.

I take my Ipad and my vitamins to breakfast and this week I have been devouring my 'Selvedge' magazine, reading every word with sheer devotion. I purchase it online and I admit I miss the feel of paper in my hands, but I think I read it more in this format because I can just  click in the URL's given and it takes me to another place.

The article on Indigo…. magic.

I rang my baby girl for her birthday at 6.30 am and a wave of  how much I miss her bubbly person came over me. Such is life on the road.

I've packed for England thinning the contents of the luggage as I go.

The poor guys taking the roof off our hotel yesterday, the temperatures were so high the 5 layers of tar stuck to their feet and made its way through the hotel lobby on the soles of their shoes.

Its fun planning, the office, the colors, the textures…the head is swimming. Great fun for this quilting gal.



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  1. Carmen Fernandez says:

    Hi Pam
    I am on my way to Birmingham….see you soon!!!

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