I had a great day today after sleeping for 12 hours.

Now it's 12.pm and I'm not tired….

I visited the event when they were setting up this afternoon. I bumped into lots of friends… some for Dubai,  from South Africa, England, Australia and the USA….

So I just snapped a few shots.




I was told politely today to say it as 'Kanta'.

I discovered this form of quilting late last year and I really want to try it…

These samples were in a booth today and I was almost hyperventilating being able to see them up close.

I only had my small camera but will bring out the big guns tomorrow. I will also have the name of the booth… sorry.




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  1. Thanks for the info. The net is so cluttered with crap it’s becoming difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for nowadays.

  2. Suzanne Gummow says:

    Yes I get Selvedge at school and I love it – there has been several articles on Indigo the last few years. Thanks for looking at my blog – you are my inspiration for doing this so THANKS. The shoes are wonderful and I think there is a place to get them in Adelaide now too but cost??? I too love KAntha and I have made a study on it and have a few pieces (contemporary ones) but I cannot afford any of the old pieces they are SO expensive now enjoy the quilt show

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