Birmingham, day 1.

It's been an interesting day.

3 awards in Birmingham and I'm rather chuffed.

I had a chance to see some interesting displays… first of all I purchased some wood printing blocks from Colouricious.


They are sending them home for me so I don't have extra baggage. I've been wanting to try if for a while so… now I can audition the technique.

I think it's something the grandies and I can do together.

One of the special things about visiting the show here in Birmingham is the opportunity to meet European designers and quilters and equally exciting is to preview the work of young designers.



Toni Giles

I also met and interviewed Helen Conway and Diane Perin Hock from the 12 X 12 International Art Quilt Challenge

Look at their web site it's really interesting and I just loved their quilts…


The group of 12 met online and developed a bond through creating 12" X 12" quilts. Every couple of months they invest in a challenge and follow a related theme to extend their creative talents.

The quilts are delightful and incredibly well executed.

I caught up with Luana Rubin owner of we bump into each other at functions and we have a little in common with special families.

One of the things you may not know about

" is dedicated to contributing to charitable organizations throughout the world. We donate 2% of all purchases (before taxes and shipping) to your selected charity. In 2010 we raised $105,000 for charity, and our total raised so far is now over $910,000."

Also caught up with Bonnie McCaffrey We have had lots of shared experiences together.

The quilts displayed don't have the names of the makers, only the numbers and I need to purchase a book to link the quilt and the maker together, so I need to do that before I share the quilts with you.

I caught up with Jenny Bowker and the two wonderful 'tent makers from Cairo'

Their work is stunning. I filmed them too.


This is a previous program on the tent makers….but I will do another for this show….


But its 2.00 am and time for bed.


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  1. Terry Grant says:

    Glad you got to see our 12 by 12 quilts! I am looking forward to seeing them all together, for my first time, in a couple of months in Houston. It has been a fabulous experience. That’s my Frida quilt you posted. Glad you liked it. I know you have also done a Frida portrait.

  2. Terry Grant says:

    PS, the other 12 x 12 quilt you posted is Diane Perin Hock’s Illumination quilt. Always nice to put a name with a quilt, I think.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Congratulations Pammy. I knew you would get awards.
    But you are being modest again, we are all dieing to know which quilts got the awards. (Don’t tell me all 3 I know that. Which 3?)

  4. Pam says:

    Terry, your quilt is great……love the colors and execution.

  5. Nola says:

    Congratulation Pam,on this achievement. Congrats too, to the girls who worked with you on one of them.
    Fabulous news

  6. Kathy Wahl (Grayling classes) says:

    Which of your quilts won? Will you post pictures, please?
    I loved the tent makers video. They do amazing work! (As do you!)

  7. Lynn Spillane says:

    The video about the tent makers was terrific….my favorite quilt is the one with all the animals in it…..and the music, perfect! I had to jiggle a bit in my chair…it made me smile. Thanks, Pam. I also loved your end capture of the dove and the camera sound, a good logo for your films I think.

  8. karen Rips says:

    Thanks for mentioning the 12’s, Pam. i’ve been following your around the world adventure with great interest, and it’ fun to see you connect with my friends at Birmingham.

  9. Susan S says:

    Congratulations on getting 3 prizes. You must be chuffed.

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