Interesting things to see.

My goodness. I slept well and dreamt the most amazing things.

A bit like Miss Alice Isabella.


I collect blue willow and I use it daily. There is something special about using nice plates… I even confess to having a special tray with a hand embroidered cover and wonderful china for my morning coffee or TV snack and similar for our dinner table.

However, some of my china is English blue china like this one… my heart skipped a beat when I saw this in an antique shop.



So I had coffee and scones in this lovely tea room AND it was served on fine china. (made in china)

The ceiling the Deans Chapel, St Marys Church Warwick.

The church foundations date back nearly nine hundred years, being created by Roger de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Warwick in 1123.

Love this image.


But now it's time for breakfast and a new day… I will continue my review of Birmingham tonight.


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