A chip off the old block – re blog.

I just found this blog at the bottom of my page…. I almost forgot it happened… thank goodness I documented it.


Tilly had a sleep over last night.

So you copy Bamma and get up in the morning…and  first thing you do is a little Drapplique.




via pamhollanddesigns.typepad.com

I found this blog recently…. I love it.

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  1. peg says:

    pam i loved this blog and so glad you reposted it….had viewed it before….tilly is so gorgeous and am sure she brings you tons of joy and laughter as do you other gk’s….

  2. peg says:

    oh…did tilly have “coffee” with her morning creativeness..

  3. Pam says:

    The ‘Little People’ have ‘bubbaccino’ same as cappuccino only no coffee, just frothy milk with chocolate on top.

  4. Lynn Spillane says:

    Love the expression……..she is so adorable and I’ll bet she will follow in your footsteps..such fun.

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