I strained my back lifting cases…so last night, I laid my body on the settee at 7.30 pm and woke with a start at 12 midnight …..wooow is it morning?

The TV was blaring, Tripoli had fallen, they were still discussing  the earthquake in the East and the computer was talking to me. "It's 12.00" the dulcet voice says.

I've spent most of the day at the hotel we're renovating …. checking, checking and double checking 'things'… the heavens opened and the water came pouring in…… happy days.

There were people coming and going in all directions.

The enjoyable part was spending time this evening looking at installations and wall textures..doing the illustrations of things I saw today.

What on earth are these?
Fabric bags hanging from the wall.

I'm going to try them at home as a wall feature for the textile part of the Hotel.

The drawing is strange, but the actual installation is fabulous.


I'm quirky…. I have to have nice china and linen wherever I stay. SO, I take my own.

I have drawings to do tomorrow. I need to go to the fabric shop. I'm designing some Kaantha quilting, and I will meet the quilting gals. fabulous.


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