Why is it that a stack of folded fabric evokes an emotion of warmth and well being.


I hated washing diapers… (nappies) we call them.

However, I took great pride in seeing them hanging on the line, I used to turn around after I hung them, and just look at them with pride…..the white catching the reflection of the sky and sun. I loved folding them, I liked seeing them in a pile.

Its the same with a stack of fabric. Pure, unblemished and just waiting to be used.

Fabric isn't just for quilting of course. It's very much part of our lives… we just can't do without it.

'Fabric is something we had for a very long time. We've clothed ourselves in it, shielded ourselves by it , and contained things with it..'

The fabric of our life is twinned with the fabric we live with day in and day out. We take it for granted.

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  1. paramjeet says:

    Nappies on the line…..and i thought i was the only one like that .

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