I want to be like them when I grow up.

I'm a little slack writing the blog right now, there are so many things to attend to.

I spent a wonderful evening with a group of enthusiastic quilters out on the lake a few nights ago.

We shared ideas, quilts and food…. what a way to spend an evening. Thank you ladies & thank you Mike for driving the boat.

I mean, take a look at the picture below… this is a regular Thursday occurrence, and its hot so the people who live on the lake tie their pontoons together, share great food and as we drove past most of them were in the water floating on noodles, drinks in one hand and a smile on their face. I thought it was hilarious. (and delightful)


wonderful reflections.

I had the most wonderful afternoon in the nail spa that day too.

A lady of advanced age came in with her friend for a pedicure and proceeded to entertain us all. She said she was 80 but looked as if she was in her 60's.

First of all she chatted up the man sitting in the chair next to her (he too was having a pedicure).

She ended up inviting him out on a date.

Next she was explaining that she had just had her makeup permanently tattooed on and was encouraging her friend to do the same.

I learned of their exploits with corrective surgery and adventures with botox and then they told jokes. It was a hilarious afternoon. I loved it. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Last night was great too. Hot Springs is a hub for the arts. By that I mean, music, film festivals, art galleries and the MOCA museum is one of the finest Ive visited.

Now we are introducing textiles.!!!!!

I was invited to attend a Jazz evening in one of the old bathhouses.

We arrived well ahead of time and the place was standing room only.

The participants had to be mainly in their 80's…. I mean a couple of the artists could barely walk. But when they played. OH, it was heaven.

I enjoyed every minute of the concert.

Amazing talent and there is a Jazz festival in the next couple of weeks.


I don't remember 'Big Bands' but they are alive and well in this part of the country and generally they are held in the old hotels that retain the ambiance of the era.

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