The unexpected.

The days have flown by and to be honest I sort of collapse in the evening.

I'm meeting a  whole new group of people and at the beginning I really felt I was a little out of my league.

I'm absolutely surprised and delighted at the results… I had people from many countries visit me today and I was able to introduce them to new ideas in quilting and using the Janome Horizon machine…. (100 in two sessions in fact).

So no blog… just sheer enjoyment and I admit to being rather tired.

The reality that I will go home in a couple of days after a long time on the road is a very welcome thought.

I've not seen Jamie for 6 months, he's been traveling too filming exciting things and we just haven't been in the same place. Unbelievably he arrives in LA half an hour after I do… but we won't be able to visit because I'm in transit and he's on his way to the Emmys again.!!!!!



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  1. Kathy Wahl (Grayling classes) says:

    Good luck to Jamie at the Emmys!

  2. peg in ks says:

    good luck to jamie at the emmy’s and hope your have a good trip home….safe travels….

  3. good luck to Jamie, hope this is the one.

  4. Jean Impey says:

    You deserve a wonderful break from your break-neck speed and energy – go home and refresh, eats lots of curry and enjoy! J

  5. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Best of luck to Jamie and safe travels home to you.

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