From treadle to trade.

It's late and I'm rather pooped.

I've run and run all day.

I've had the opportunity to interact with 100's of wonderful people from all over the world. Today I had folks visit from India and Taiwan…. we had a small language barrier, but… it worked.

The visitor from India explained that they still use treadle machines to do what we do on computerized machines….!!!!

Its a rather humbling thought really and I wish I could visit India and learn to use a treadle too. The still use them in the streets of Bangkok.

It's so different to the world of quilting we know and I can't help but feel a little like an overindulged child using my fancy nancy machines.

Its late and time to retire.



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  1. sandy bryan says:

    Hope your stay goes well. Looking forward to more of your trip. What an experience to have. I’m sure you will be bring back some fabrics.

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