I can go home now….

Well folk I can go home now….I've finished in Orlando

I'll undertake the long trip with happiness and know that  at the end I can sleep in my own bed… drink latte from my own coffee machine, eat toast and vegemite watching TV by the fire, hug the grandies and family and most of all… I can take in the ambience of my own studio.




This is one I've been working on, will I make it.? I don't know… I do want to expand this technique… so yes, I probably will.

I've prepared drawings for 4 other quilts as well.

Nup, I'm not going to show you the ideas yet….

I have to make a auction quilt for Houston as soon as I get home, so I hope you will follow along with the process and bid for it when the opportunity arrises….

It's storming outside right now,… I have a fabulous view of the sky and the rain. The TV is having a hernia in time with the thunder. The bags are packed and I have a farewell dinner to attend…. super, just super.




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  1. Carole says:

    Have a safe journey, Pam. Enjoy that first cup of coffee in the kitchen.

  2. sandy bryan says:

    Oh I live in Orlando. Orlando, Florida, USA. Are you visiting some time in the future?
    I would sure like to sign up for a class!
    Anyway, safe travels.

  3. Pam says:

    Sandy, sorry, I was at a Conference…
    Next year is my sabbatical to finish my books, documentary and a few other exciting things in the offering….

  4. Pam says:

    You betcha…. just another 20 hours of travel to go.!!!

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