Cameras and art.

I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to LA.


There is no Airline club here at Orlando, but very kindly they give you free wi fi.

I found a power outlet and when I place my hand luggage in front of me it serves perfectly as a desk.

There is a low hum of indistinguishable dialogue indispersed with smatterings of Spanish and American accents.

I have time to reflect on the past week and I'm thrilled with the results… I met 100's of people from all over the world and it gave me a new perspective on using the machine.


During the week, I found a wonderful article on how the camera is taking over from our eye as an art process.

It was extremely interesting and I haven't had time to digest it until  now.

However… my trip to Disney World was just that…. I went specifically to capture the texture, color and design that is presented in the parks.

My camera tells the story. My camera captured the truth and the beauty and at times leaves me breathless.

The camera is also used to capture art installations…. some folk are a little touchy about that… but with the advent of cameras in phones and small pocket videos…. I think it's time to re think the rules…

The camera itself becomes part of the art.


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