The Fannie B. Shaw Prosperity Quilt, Prosperity is Just Around the Corner

I have 5 hours in the Qantas club in LA, lots of time to think and refect on the amazing trip I've had…. trust me I don't take it all for granted. It's exciting, amazing, hard work and an honor to "do what I do"

I was doing some research last night and found this quilt…

Have you ever seen it in books or magazines….?

I love it… of course I love the orange and green, but what a wonderful idea.

30 blocks…. I wonder what we would put in such a quilt these days.

Young people looking to the future?



People on the land?

Young parents………………………!!!!


The Fannie B. Shaw Prosperity Quilt, Prosperity is Just Around the Corner

Textiles, Cotton
Overall: 86 x 72 in. (2 m 18.44 cm x 1 m 82.88 cm)
Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas Museum of Art, anonymous gift, 1998.209

The mood depicted in the Depression-era Prosperity Quilt is one of deliberate optimism as Mrs. Shaw has presented people from all walks of life looking around the corner for the prosperity promised by the president:

"My inspiration came from Herbert Hoover. Every time you picked up the paper or heard the radio he would talk about good times around the corner. He would make it sound so good. I wondered if I could make a picture of what he said and what he meant. I went to bed one night and couldn't get it off my mind."

–Interview with Fannie B. Shaw, 1988

Shaw and her neighbors would have to wait almost ten years for Uncle Sam to arrive at the lower right corner with "farm relief, legal beer, and aid."


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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I actually saw this quilt in Dallas while on break from an extremely boring work conference. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. Pam says:

    I think I need to make a special trip to see it.!!!!

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