It's a stunning morning.

The birds are singing their hearts out, the moon is still up and there is a steel blue sky with just a touch of pink..

It promises to be warm today and the smell of the wattle is heavy in the air.

I was a bit slow on the quilt yesterday…. fixing the hair and spend time with the grandies took up most of my time…. I still collapse at the end of the day feeling like I've been in a marathon…so not much is achieved after 8.00 pm.

This is the back of the quilt…I always show it because I personally like the back to look as good as the front…. there's nothing to hide.

I changed the threads in the bobbin each time I changed them in the top. I've got lots of reasons for that.

I've used a combination of cotton and polyester Superior threads which is a little unusual for me…. but there is a reason for that too.!!!!

The quilting is the 'Horizontal Hazard' genre and as the name suggests it gives me some challenges…. which I will explain later.

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