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I was given this wonderful book as a gift the other day… I can't put it down.


An excerpt. "My creativity flows freely between the knots, ideas bud like air bubbles rising amid the tangled strings"

My friend Carolyn sent it to me for my Birthday but she did something else very special too.

The picture below is of my Daughter Rachael, (Tillys Mum) It's her 40th birthday in a few weeks and this picture is for her when she was 2.

Mum sketched this out and almost finished it before she passed away last year. Carolyn finished it for me…. I am thrilled and I know it will hold a special significance for Rach…. it's almost a year since Mum passed away.



Mum was an amazing artist, and when she moved into the nursing home I took all her threads with me….

Goodness, I don't embroider much…. and we had a box of threads to equal a small shop… so I sent them to Carolyn. Now she is teaching young people to embroider and using Mums threads…She has a photo of Mum to share with her students to Mums hands continue.

I did keep one special set of threads…. My Dad, also an Artist in his own right , made a Huon Pine, velvet lined box for Mums other threads… this has a special place in the summer house studio.


I used them on the Notebook quilt.

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Happy birthday… now that is a special friend to take on a project that has so much meaning. She did a wonderful job finishing it.

  2. peg says:

    happy birthday to you pam….that was beautiful…is beautiful…peg

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