Notebook quilts. – or Thread illustrated notebooks

Thanks for the birthday wishes…. it's not my birthday till next week….

We have 10 birthdays in 10 days.!!!! it's all a bit much really.

I haven't worked too hard today….

I had a little interuption.

But he was most welcome…he's been sick all week so I'm pleased to see him up and about.

I've been working on the notebook series and by Jove, I think I have it.!!!!


Nothing fancy…. it's just a quilt note… a reminder of my time in Mexico.

It's going to fit into the big quilt like this.

A fabric envelope with the small notebook quilt folded but attatched to the quilt so when it's on display it can be shown.

I'm still working on the envelope pattern.

I need to make 12 of these notebook quilts (one for each month of this year.) then I can quilt the large quilt and put it all together.

In fact, it's not really a quilt it has only two layers…. I found the batting in the other test piece two thick, it would be too bulky for the envelopes.


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  1. Sandra says:

    Pam, you are a genius.

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