New Ideas and a great deal of stress.

My stress……

The graphics system in my 5 year old computer is having difficulty coping with all I add to the data bank….its slowly dying….

Yes, I've backed up…

Yes, I keep my computer system clean…. but… it's old now… and I have to buy a new one tomorrow to  prevent the loss of 31,827 photos.


New Ideas

I feel as though I've been running all day. It was interesting I have a program called "Day One" and now I document everything I do…

It helps me to remember the business information.. but goodness it's pages long today.

I did manage to get 3 new class submission finished so I feel quit good.

I made half a quilt with this image….

Actually I drew this at a guild meeting…… I love our Guild, but sometimes… I just have to do something else to keep my hands moving…!!!!

It's a Pam Bird.


But in trialing it… I think it is too difficult for a day class.

The class is quilt illustration like the notebook series.

So it's 6.20 and I have everything done I can retire..






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  1. I have been stressing over 10,000 odd photos! I burnt all the others to portable hard drives. I even bought the new operating system. My computer is 4 years old , I must not die!!!

  2. Pam says:

    Yep, we got our computers at the same time, but doing a lot of videos and adding so many graphics has taken it’s toll.
    I will use my new one mainly for graphics and take all the photos off the old one….
    Have you installed Mackeeper… I have it on all my macs… it keeps the computer junk and multiple files free…. have a look at it.

  3. I was going to install it but the Mac help pages labeled it a virus.

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