notebook quilts No 4.


This is the format I'm going to use for the Notebook quilts.

It's not really a quilt, but a thread illustration but after working on 3 different samples… this is the way I want it to look.

It has to sit in small envelopes like this one…

The main quilt will share my travels in quilting and physically for a year.. the images are taken from my photos and illustrations.


I backed the white fabric with a Pellon product. I was given a sample to try by the company. I actually intend to use it to back silk… but it works great on this.

The cream fabric is Unbleached Bomull fabric from Ikea., price for 150 cm wide is  $3.95 and it has more body than calico or (muslin) as it's called in the USA

From Low German bomwulle, compound of bom, "tree", and ull, "wool", thus literally meaning "tree wool", due to the plan fibers' similarity to wool. Compare German Baumwolle.

I used a single stitch with a fine needle. 60/8 sharp and fine 50 weight thread. 

The picture is taken from this illustration.


IMG_0002 3


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