Month: October 2011

Playing with inspiration

Photos of the gardens in the Getty are always inspirational.. I've manipulated this photo in Sketchmee to create an image for thread painting. I love that iridescent green I saturated the color in this photo… I like it better, the stitching would be done in free motion zig zag, similar to this image… If I widen the stitch, I think I can add more texture to get the green… wish I had my machine with me… maybe I can practice in my lunch hour at Houston….!!!

Playing with inspiration

NOTES:- It's 4.30 am and I've had enough sleep and as we are anticipating a day of travel I figured a little time to "grab the moment" is needed. If I don't physically put my ideas down onto paper or computer they fly away to someone else. So I decided to share the process of this one with you. At the Huntington Library Yesterday I saw several things that inspired me. I put together an inspiration from Birmingham and yesterdays photos to formulate an idea. This is a diagram of the Milky way by Wright and Herschel. If I created three layers of black sheer fabric, I could stitch each star represented by a machine stitched star  in layers so some would come forward and others recede into the layer.   The problem with the illustration above is that I would have to stop and start the machine each time… but what would it look like if I jumped from one star to the other on the machine, extended the link thread and cut it …

The Getty and the Huntington Library. Galleries and Gardens.   I wrote a blog earlier this morning and Keith deleted it when he checked his email… so this is a small sample of what we experienced in the past few days…. I love Galleries and Gardens… These are some of my favorite paintings. We also spent quite a bit of time selecting sound systems for the Hotel in Arkansas yesterday….. I'm getting used to all sorts of new experiences. We spent the day with friend Sue today… it was so nice to catch up….Houston tomorrow….!!!!! wooow.

It’s Friday, it must be LA.

Well, we arrived in LA, early this morning and its nice to finally begin to relax. I worked for over half of the flight and caught up on some editing How about this for a design, it's the tarmac in Melbourne Airport. Any ideas where we saw this today? This would make wonderful fabric… It's water in a shallow pool… I love the depth of color, it was the way the sun captured the ripples. The Halloween season is upon us. Today the "Oh Boy, it's Birmingham" video is up on the quilt show… There are 3 parts to this exhibition….


I love these Quatches….!!! (my word)  I think I need to make one… will try it tomorrow… I'm sort of computered out tonight. I've had to take off all my 'bling' for the trip and I feel a little bare, this would be a good alternative.     Photo from the Selvedge company

Wowow weekend.

The weekend has been super. Everything fell into place… the weather, the amount of work I achieved and family time at the picnic today was just lovely. Keith and I planted our small Olive Grove yesterday and got the vegie garden started… by the time we return it will be blooming (we hope) with the help of our Grand daughter who house sits for us. I was supposed to be working yesterday, but I stopped to take photos…I love this ladies orange eye. I worked late into the night editing, setting music and editing again…. it takes ages but I've finished two more episodes for the Quilt Show. This time it is the Birmingham Quilt Show and its very different to American shows, whilst there are some traditional quilts shown, many of the quilts were heavy in surface design. I guess you would call them 'Art Quilts' I took 100's of photos and I can't use them all in the videos…. I need to think of a way to share them in another way. On …

The blog

In 2005, I discovered the world of the blog. This is an excerpt of my first blog post…. of course it wasn't in fancy wrapping like it is now. I had been writing online for years prior, I was known as "Pam in the shed' but I was quite restricted in what I could share. I understand their are rules and regulations within online groups, but there was a huge grey area and I think the rules were often misdiagnosed. One night I received an email from the School in Japan where I had been "Artist in Residence" for a week. I taught children aged 5 to 12 to quilt and we made 5 large joined quilts. It was an amazing experience. I had no idea they were going to enter the quilts into the Japan Quilt Show… but they did and that email announced that they had won the school section and the prize was quite large, computers for the school I believe… I was so excited, so I shared it online on the …

Our Hero’s

    This is a video made by my Nephew Ben. Annette’s Story I want to share with you a story. It’s a story of love, triumph in the face of adversity and a journey with cancer. It is my Family’s story. My husband Ben and I will sometime reflect over our lives and laugh shaking our head “saying you couldn’t make up the stuff that has happened to us if you tried.” And over the last few days I am starting to realise when people tell this story, there instant reaction is “how sad” or “how tragic.” Which feel strange for us because each day that Ben and I wake we are grateful for our life, for each other and for our family. My name is Annette Smedley, I am a 37 year old mother of 3 young children, a wife and I have stage IV breast Cancer.  I have decided to go to china for treatment that is not available here and we have realised that the next stage of this journey we …

2.23 am, I was still awake and the ground began to move as an earthquake rumbled 20 miles below the surface of the earth. I guess it's a bit of a hiccup for those used to earthquakes but for us it was significant and a reminder of the power of the earth.   After I calmed the animals I ventured to get a drink and then thought I would check my emails… That action put paid to proper sleep for the night. Tragic news from a nephew made me aware of the frailty of life. So I'm having a night off tonight. A strong coffee and some nonsense TV.