Dare to Differ 2011 -contemporary quilts, No 1.


Cathy Boniciolli   SA

Natural Beauty.

Inspired by my love of shells, my design is based on Fibonacci's 'golden ratio' Using a variety of tea bags for their delicate colors and tones I have hand stitched in running stitch my shell motif on a sandy background.


Brenda Gael Smith   NSW


Inspired by a freshly mown lawn, glistening in the morning dew.


Brenda Gael Smith   NSW

Desire lines – After the rain.

With the rain comes new life, reaching for the sky. A continuation of my Desire Lines series – and exploration of line and positive and negative space.



Jeanne Treleavan SA

Walflower 1 – 2

I was introduced to China Grove Myles and the Gees Bend Quilters in 2010 and was both inspired and overwhelmed by their quilts. I especially wanted to reproduce the Pine Burr Pattern and ave incorporated it these whimsical pieces.

"China Grove Myles, a farmer, was the only one left in Gee's Bend who could sew the Pine Burr Quilt, a pattern involving hundreds of tedious swatches that unfold before the eye in a breathtaking, three-dimensional effect"


Prue Wheal   SA 

Organic form.

The dictionary defines 'form' as a 'shape, figure, pattern' to create our seperate elements' From the initial swirls of my pencil, organic shapes evolved. I continued the organic theme by appliqueing shapes onto a painted, stamped background.

Sue Cunningham  VIC

Remarks 2

This quilt is based on images of graffiti from the Sisters Rocks near Stawell. These defiant personal legacies feature generations of mark making which overlap and embellish. The constantly changing self expressions are on the brazen, wild side and are perhaps a rite of passage for some.

Karlyn Hanchard  SA

Pink Ginger

It is interesting to see the effect of using a grid as a basis for a design. The 3 D effect of the tiles on top of continuation of the design in the background is enhanced by the high use of contrast and complimentary colors.

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  1. Thank you for these images and others from the opening night. I would have loved to be there! Thank you too for including a link back to my site.

  2. Pam says:

    You’re welcome Gael

  3. Cathy Boniciolli says:

    Thanks Pam for the photos, it certainly was a great opening night.

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