Dare to Differ 2011- contemporary quilts.

Last night I had the privileged of attending the opening of the 9th Dare to Differ Contemporary  Quilt Exhibition hosted by the Quilters Guild of South Australia.

Through the generosity of the artists and untiring work of Suzanne Gummow and her team, I am happy to share this exhibition on my blog to interested people throughout the world.

Communication through the media has now expanded our ideas and expressions and it's wonderful to be able to share this exhibition from my home town to far flung places.


So Join us as I prepare to share the exhibition with you.


"Whilst grounded in the traditions of quilt making, quilt artists in  2011, are exploring and expressing aesthetic concerns innovatively. Artists are experimenting with materials and techniques in ways that the express the makers unique ideas, interests, beliefs and stories. Worldwide trends are currently visible in surface  designs with dyes, inks, paints, pencils printmaking, photo-transfer being used to create unique feature fabrics. As well as this collage, embellishment, traditional and non traditional construction techniques may be evident and be used in new ways. The variables of stitch as a structural or decorative element may also be used for expressive possibilities." Julie Haddrick Sept 2011.

It will take me a day or so to put this up so stay tuned.



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  1. Suzanne Gummow says:

    – What a great opening night and thanks for posting all the photos on your blog – mine are still coming from “my” photographer as I did not have time to do any photography – great photos as ususal

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