Southern Textiles class.

It's been a really nice day today.

I've been at school for the past 8 hours under the tutelage of Effie  Mitrofanis.

I'm stretching my abilities folk…. really stretching it. But, I'm enjoying it. 

When I think back, it's not the first embroidery class I've taken. I took one with Judith Baker Montano (too many years ago)

I'm just lucky the course is on while I'm home and the quilts I viewed in South Africa at their wonderful Quilt Show niggled at me and I want to know more about, beading, cording and embroidery for my quilts.

So here I am sitting down (sort of quietly) stitching by hand… My Mum would be impressed.



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  1. Did you feel the world slow down when you started stitching?
    I have trouble thinking of you slowing down.

  2. Pam says:

    Not really honey… I resisted the urge to go walkabout and think my own thoughts….
    I do when I’m drawing, stitching is a bit different.

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