Gees What a day.

It's raining (again)

I'm listening to Concerto Grosso in A Major by Handel (very loudly) to stave off the grey day.

I've just finished hours of film editing and now I'm working on kits….!!!

I stupidly Got up at 4.00 to finish the ironing, no I didn't need to but I had so much to do today.

In the middle of the day I babysat Mr Kaiden for  few hours (it's so special)at 10 months old we had some interesting chats…!!

And I've made this gal. I'll quilt her tomorrow and share it with you.

She's having a chat with another of my characters…. 'Grace' who is sitting on the design wall.



They can kick up a storm in the studio this evening before I attack her with the sewing machine.



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