Students quilts.

I've been working on this gal all day.. I stopped at 2.00 pm because I was falling asleep at the machine..

I've actually fallen asleep on the computer several times over the years…. but right now it's the antihistamines I'm taking, the ones like Claratyne don't do anything for me so I bring out the big guns…. Quilting each section of the quilt takes an hour or so. I'm filming at the same time so it takes longer but I have to finish her tomorrow.

Last week when I attended an event several students from the country who took portrait classes many years ago, bought samples of their work to show me.

I was thrilled to see them, it was quite a difficult class, but both students have completed major works with the techniques and they have a strong emotional tie to their quilts.

You really never know what influence you have on those you teach. (good or bad I guess)

So let me share the work of these two ladies who sent photo recently.

20111015_6 bewerkt2-1
This is a quilt finished by Herma de Ruiter from Holland who attended the masterclass in Birmingham.

This is the photo she took her inspiration from. I just love it.

This one is from Elizabeth Baker also from the same class. This was the thread painting class and Elizabeth has plans to do a large quilt we've consulted on.

It's all a bit humbling really. Then again, it's rather special.




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  1. Alison in the UK says:

    How great to see those two pieces finished, and what a fabulous job the ladies have done. I really must make an effort to get mine done and send you a photo. I’m working on finishing a christmassy quilt at the moment, but I’m going to make my shoes the next job on the list. There, I’m committed!!

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