Yay Coral with her with the cake.



I finished this gal today. In fact I finished the quilting early this morning but the final touches  took the rest of the day.

Why did I have to make an entirely new sample when I have the entire quilt? …. well the original quilt is on exhibition right now and in reality, I needed a sample of my own….. so here she is.

The finishing is tedious.

I decided to stitch in black about 1/8th of an beyond the edge of  the applique image. I figured that I would cut right next to the stitching line and then satin stitch like last time…

We in reality it didn't work out too well and I just ended up cutting it a little less that 1/8th of an inch… the stitching on the applique actually held it down quite well. My aim was to compress the batting prior to satin stitching.

I satin stitched twice around the border, the thread broke a dozen times.. I was getting pretty annoyed. But I did it and it's ready for Houston.

I'm imagining a scene. People made in this method. Free standing and each a quilt in their own right… I think it would look super. The mind boggles.


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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Coral looks great. I was wondering how you would finish the edges. I couldn’t imagine that it would be with binding. Do you do anything special when packing her for the trip to prevent creases or is that not a concern?

  2. What a great idea . . . an entire village of people. They could be put together in different clusters to suggest interactions. I LOVE it.

  3. Pam says:

    Wendy, like any other quilt, she’s quite rigid actually but I will look for a folder to put her in.

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