Wowow weekend.

The weekend has been super. Everything fell into place… the weather, the amount of work I achieved and family time at the picnic today was just lovely.

Keith and I planted our small Olive Grove yesterday and got the vegie garden started… by the time we return it will be blooming (we hope) with the help of our Grand daughter who house sits for us.

I was supposed to be working yesterday, but I stopped to take photos…I love this ladies orange eye.

I worked late into the night editing, setting music and editing again…. it takes ages but I've finished two more episodes for the Quilt Show.

This time it is the Birmingham Quilt Show and its very different to American shows, whilst there are some traditional quilts shown, many of the quilts were heavy in surface design. I guess you would call them 'Art Quilts' I took 100's of photos and I can't use them all in the videos…. I need to think of a way to share them in another way.

On this trip I will use the small video camera a lot more it does a great job.

I have lots of fancy cameras and electronic things… I'm rather a geek. However, they don't sit in the box, anyone in the family can use them when I'm home. Tilly quite likes the little bloggie and makes her own small movies… but I need it for the next 7 weeks, sorry Tilly.

It was a family afternoon today. I caught up with half of our Bambinos…


Lilly and Kaiden shared milk arrowroot bikkies…..!

The older boys played in the creek.

The sausages smelt delicious

The band played on



the dancing girls danced


Kids kept cool.


It's great being a kid at a spring picnic.


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