Playing with inspiration


It's 4.30 am and I've had enough sleep and as we are anticipating a day of travel I figured a little time to "grab the moment" is needed.

If I don't physically put my ideas down onto paper or computer they fly away to someone else. So I decided to share the process of this one with you.

At the Huntington Library Yesterday I saw several things that inspired me.

I put together an inspiration from Birmingham and yesterdays photos to formulate an idea.

This is a diagram of the Milky way by Wright and Herschel.

If I created three layers of black sheer fabric, I could stitch each star represented by a machine stitched star  in layers so some would come forward and others recede into the layer.

Star quilt


The problem with the illustration above is that I would have to stop and start the machine each time… but what would it look like if I jumped from one star to the other on the machine, extended the link thread and cut it in the middle and left the thread loose.?

Maybe it would be too furry…!!!

Maybe I could do that on some of the stars and leave the others free.

Then again I could hand do it and add a bead in the center of each star… may be that would look too kitsch.

Star quilt

Stars 3
If I did it on black this way, (the circle in the center is the Chrystal or bead) the quilt could be about 6 ft long X 2 ft wide… and I think it would look interesting as an installation.

The three layers of sheer cloud be placed on black silk and the silk could be pre-quilted heavily before adding the top layer of stars.

The earth star could be stitched in red and the rest of the stars of the milky way would mingle around it as illustrated.

I think our boys Kodi and Kaiden would love that quilt.


I made other sketches last night from images I saw, but I need to get this one down in the 'Inspiration' book first and then work on the other two….!


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