Here at last

We traveled all day to get here…. an hour extra on the tarmac because the Pilot hadn't turned up in Dallas and traffic jams in LA.. but we made it.. at last.

I will be filming a formal program, but I will use my little camera to do a quick capture like this one today….

We have the most amazing room overlooking the George Brown Convention center.. the whole wall is window and looks out over Houston, my work desk is right in the middle of the window and being on a very high floor I don't intend to close the curtains for the entire time I'm here….

I was able to work on the plane and did a few drawings for the grandies…

I saw the flying rabbits in the Qantas magazine and the rest is my imagination and the things I saw as we sat on the tarmac for an hour!!!! well sort of, with a bit of imagination.


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  1. gayle says:

    Love the flying bunnies and all the other stuff, too. Lucky grandies.
    Enjoy Houston.

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