Fine quilting.

Today was exhausting but rewarding.


Ladies, Ladies and more ladies…..this is not all of them, we had 25 in all, and you all did a fabulous job. We had pink ones, and purple ones…. and even grey ones….!!!

Now this gal had interesting shoes on.


And a bag to match


This booth is fabulous…. The Creation Station  visit Bonnie McCafferys blog and catch an interview with the gal with red hair.

I had very little time to wander today, I had the Teachers lunch and I raced onto the floor to visit with some friends and then it was 7.00 pm and it was closing time.

I sort of have to stop and visit with people on every aisle… its great fun so the process is slow… but I love it… maybe I could wear a disguise then I could shop and then visit.


Cathy Miller and I.

It was luxury to to go back to my room, put on the jamas and relax as I worked on my presentations for tomorrow.

I'm going to show you the quilting on the Best of show Winner.


This is the most amazing quilting by Sue Mc Carty.

I still can't work out how she does it… I need to get the BIG lens and look at her masterpiece through that. Sue you really are a master quilter.

Ooh, I need to go to bed….

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I so want to go to Houston, just one time! Sue lives in the next city over from me…and yes, she is a Master!

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