Houston Notes Day 5.

What does attending an event like the International Quilt Festival  mean to you?

Other than Christmas with the family, this is the highlight of my year and has been for the past 10 years or so.

It's been good to me… I've won the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship and Best of Show and other awards. So of course it is an emotional tie for me.


Members of the Jewel Pearce Patterson fraternity at their annual dinner.

And our flag was still there – Melinda Bula

I sat and had lunch with Lucy, my friend from Mexico today. We talked about the intellectual and emotional kinship of quilting. We live in  different countries…almost a world apart but somehow coming to 'Houston' as we call it has significant and similar meaning to us both. I imagine, it is the same for the 50,000 other people who attend.


Time, by Sue De Vanny

I gave consideration to the future of 'Houston' today. Selfishly I want it to continue until I no longer have the strength to wander the aisles. It is an Institution, its the mecca of 'quilting' (a loose term for the art) and a modem for the art of working in textiles.

I imagine, it won't continue indefinitely with the present directors and that considered, how will it change? Will it be different? What is the future? I don't mean to sound grim… but a panic sets up in me… and yells…. "I don't ever want it to change"


Life in the city, -  Sheila Frampton Cooper

Tomorrow I have the luxury of a full day on the floor. I will photograph and film every quilt.

I'll walk the aisles and look for new and innovative ideas, fabrics, notions and books.

I already have things to share, but I've not photographed them.

Textiles from Poetic Threads of Pakistan. Meena Mahal Arts.

I need to visit Quiltmania, from France, Cherrywood Fabric. The Selvedge and eQuilter exhibition, and lots of other events.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    You should be teaching at Quiltmania’s function in France. They would love your Bayeux work.

  2. Carmen Fernandez Prieto says:

    Hi Pam
    How are you?
    Are you coming to San Miguel Allende?
    I hope to see you there

  3. peg in ks says:

    pam i just got home about an hour ago and it is rather sadly quiet here….i am so happy we were able to meet while in houston…another time and day we will meet again…peg in ks

  4. Pam says:

    Not this year Carmen, we are off to Jordan today, next year.!!!! smile.

  5. Carmen Fernandez Prieto says:

    Well…have a nice time in Jordan!!! We will miss you in Mexico!!

  6. Hi Pam: I love your fish quilt!! I also enjoy using textile paints. I met your friend Lucy from Mexico while at the HOU festival. I wanted to attend your lecture but at the same time I had to be at the reception for the Lone Star III book release.
    Hopefully I will meet you next year. Keep on blogging!!

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