Houston Day 6.

It's almost 6.00 am, and still dark. Through our big picture window from my desk I can see a population  of Houston workers streaming their way down the freeway in a continuous ribbon of lights.

Yesterday, Keith and I spent the entire day walking the floor of the Quilt Festival. It took a morning to finish filming the quilts and the rest of the day walking the vendors mall.

There were so many people to talk to. So many things to see and take in. The common thought is that it's a little overwhelming. However, I embrace it.

I took about 600 photos in all, shot a lot of film and chatted to  dozens of people. However,  unlike other years, I didn't photograph every quilt. It wasn't that I'm not interested… in essence I was looking at the prize winners and innovative expression.

It was a little quieter than the previous days of the festival. I wound my way down the aisles with Keith in tow carrying  the big camera.

I guess the video below is self explanatory and gives you an idea of what we, and thousands of other devotees experienced. (until next year)


The photos and formal video is reserved for the quilt show and I hope to get that made as I travel…. maybe I can begi

n today on the plane.

24 hours will see us in Jordan and I really don't know what to expect… It's exciting and going to be an opportunity to photograph, draw and create.


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  1. I just want to let you know how much I truly enjoyed taking a class with you. If you get a chance, you can read what I wrote about it on my blog. http://e14studio.blogspot.com
    Hope you are enjoying Jordon. Travel safe!

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