Just 12 hours and we are transported from one environment to another.

We appeared amongst a handful of American/Australians on board the plane. I wasn't quite the only woman without a hijab but most women and young girls wore one.

Almost 12 hours flying, sleep, video, drawing and we had arrived. I was too restricted to work on video, so I need to do it tomorrow night.

We were met even before we went through immigration and escorted through to pick up our luggage which took ages to arrive. Having lost the luggage a few times in the past few years I get a little anxious when it is slow to appear. BUT appear it did. Thankfully.

It was almost pitch dark by 6.00 pm and we drove for almost 40 minutes to the hotel. In the mellow light it appeared that there is very little ground vegetation, trees look different to ours and there is sand on everything, white trunk-ed trees flashed by the sand giving them an air of mystery.

Cars in a car park were covered in sand. As we drove through the countryside, I saw a number of groups of young men sitting round a communal fire. I've seen this in the desert in Dubai and they appear to be having a great time. I saw groups of camels corralled as their gowned owners sat around a fire. Magnificent houses stood on hills with shanties in lower valleys and river beds.

So tomorrow will be an adventure.

First we have to pretend we haven't lost 12 hours of the day…, for instance it's 2.30 pm Tuesday in Houston and it's 10. 45 pm on the same day here and now I have to try to sleep because we have a big tour Jordan's Crusader Castles tomorrow.

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  1. Traveling is a lot of fun, especially if you get to meet different personalities. BTW! Why are the cars covered in sand? I hope you enjoyed the trip.

  2. Pam says:

    Everything is covered in dust here, there is no grass, just sand and rocks.

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