The city of Salt.

Journal for the trip to Jordan.

Salt, – The old city of Salt. That's where we are headed today.

It's in the opposite direction to the road to Baghdad and Iraq we traveled on yesterday.

It's a little unreal seeing the signpost giving  the directions to these places, the Saudi border was 25 kms away, Baghdad was in the 100's and the Iraq border in a different direction.

The land we drove through yesterday was devoid of foliage and for the main part, flat. The sun shone and the sky was a perfect blue.

As we left Amman yesterday we saw a number of Bedouin men with flocks of corralled sheep by the side of the road.You can select an animal and it's slaughtered right there on the side of the road, it gives another meaning to 'fresh' so different to the wide slick roads of Houston…no sheep on the hoof there. I didn't like to ask the driver to stop, but I'm going to be a bit more forward today.




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