Inspiration in the desert.


I had a wonderful day today. We traveled out into the desert on a photographic expedition. 15 photographers, 5 vehicles and drivers and a lot of excitement.

At times we almost drove vertically down the dunes and then I hung on as we slid sideways down into the valleys.

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing and a full day of excitement.

Tomorrow we tackle different subjects.

Thursday I will meet with the quilters and I hope to get to the fabric Souk to film

I looked at the images I photograph with design in mind and hopefully I achieved my goal.


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  1. Suzanne Gummow says:

    Hi Pam – stunning photos of the desert and what a trip!! There is loads of design ideas there in the photos you are taking and I’d love to see the ones you have on your Ipad and/or camera. The f abric souk sounds wonderful – will watch your posts for that!!

  2. Suzanne says:

    I love all the textures and shades of color!

  3. Fabulous! Some awesome stuff you have shared here. I have to confess your great effort. Keep posting more blog posts like this.

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