New Ideas

The past two days have been a mild learning curve for me.

I know how to compose and take a good photo, (well they are pleasing to me) but the time has come to go further and learn the technical details of photography.

I've avoided Photoshop like the plague. First of all it's very expensive, secondly it's hard and I don't want to pay an exorbitant amount of money if I get frustrated and give up on it. It takes time to learn… 3 things that have really put me off.

But "The time has come" The Walrus said.

Working with my Sister Jan has been fun. She's a great photographer, we look at things the same and by that I mean we compose the same way.

Our trip to the desert was exciting, it made us slow down and concentrate on the image.

But I was made aware that I use my photos in a way that's very different to the others in class.

One of the ladies asked about my career and trying to explain textile art to a novice is difficult. So yesterday I was able to share a few images of quilts with her and a crowd gathered… they were amazed that they could use their photographs in such a way.

I think I have some converts.

I primarily look at texture.

Is it my background in Textile Art?

Is it my passion for ilustration?

Is it because I want to document and share?

It's a combination of all those things.

Take these photos for instance. Nature has already given me the guidelines for creating an image in fabric.

I really don't know how I would go about putting this into fabric form.

I would really like to do it in silk, that way I think he texture and sheen of the silk would add depth and assist with the contours of the sand.

Do I paint the silk first.?

Do I piece strips of fabric?

I don't quite know yet.



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