Pam’s on holidays.

My early mornings are reserved for business. I don't have a sign on my computer that says "Pam's on holidays"

I have been too tired at night to write up the day as I see it the brain is better in the morning.

Today I'll spend time with some of my  students and I think I'll meet some new quilters here in Dubai. Tonight is a class in RAK.

Tomorrow we get up early and go to the camel races.


Walking the the cavernous isles of the spice souk yesterday was wonderful. We chatted with dozens of people. Keith of course was interested in talking cricket. I wanted to capture the colors and the smell was enticing.

We had to fight our way past the bands of Tour Groups who wouldn't break the line for anyone. The also had sharpened elbows.

We hired a river taxi and had it all to ourselves. An hour up and down the river. The cool breeze was a relief from the confines of the souks.  100's of colorful huge wooden boats hugged the shore and were being hand laden with all manner of goods. We saw fridges, Televisions, tyres and fabric of course, all stored high on the decks of the boats… there was no room to walk, one wonders how they even floated.

We stopped to chat with the crew… they even offered to share their food.

The gold souk was amazing… and no I didn't buy anything there.

I was tempted but Keith gets this funny look on his face when I suggest it…. not that that makes a difference… it's sort of like a grimace. I don't want him to have a heart attack in a foreign country.

Actually I bought a little the other day at the mall!!!

We sat on a bench and watched the passers by. It was fascinating.

The fabric souk was next and I filmed and photographed and bought a little. That will be shown later.

A fabulous day.








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  1. adamsme says:

    It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U. S. One of the many things to be grateful for on this day is our freedom of speech. No censorship here. It sometimes takes experiencing the differences to appreciate what we have.

  2. Discount Ink says:

    Happy thanks giving guys.Just relax and everything will go well.Life is full of joy so enjoy it with your love ones.

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