Classes interupted…. blog disrupted.

It's frustrating that I've not been able to post my formal blog. But we'll see what we can do from South Africa.

First of all, this has been a holiday for Keith and I. Like many of you we work hard then on a personal level we  have little time together because of my traveling.

However, ideas and the excitement of implementing  new things never cease. I have so much material to work through when I get home, it will take me an age to get through it all.

Keith on the other hand has just enjoyed meeting new people and sharing the experience.

Thursday was wonderful, I met with my  Quilting friends Mala and Shanker at their shop and we took over the ground floor of the mall.!!!!!

Quilters came from everywhere, even Kenya……!!!!! even Abu Dhabi and it is wonderful to see the results of previous classes.

The ladies have taken my ideas to an even  higher lever and when I can put up photos I will show you their amazing work…. I was humbled and indeed honored that they have continued on.

We had a long ride back to RAK and then straight into a class interrupted….until late evening.

This time last year we scheduled a class and my Mum died. I flew home for the afternoon and back here to Dubai, but the class had to be forfeited.

BUT, I will next back next year and we will continue the class and the new classes will be implemented in Dubai and beyond.

So contact Shanker, I know there will be a waiting list.




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