Happy Henna

This is my last blog from Dubai.

I've delayed writing about the camel races because I want to add photos and I've written a whole article.

But let me tell you it was like being present in a National Geographic Documentary.

Today was yet another adventure..Jan wanted a henna pattern on her arm and hand for a special event next Wednesday. I had my hand and leg henna'd

It was fascinating as the young Indian girl applied the henna in a way I would do a drawing…

She had no pattern, she just drew.

The atmosphere in the beauty parlor was hilarious and everyone had something to say and a suggestion to make about what we needed to have done.

Yesterday was equally entertaining when we had a little maintenance like nails and pedicure attended to.

What fun. I am normally quite boring with the color I use on my nails… one would call it 'Autumn' but they only had bright pink and red with sparkles…so it had to be sparkles…

Now I'm a little concerned about the fact that I have these sparkling nails when I have to wear Khaki on safari… maybe I will have to color them camouflage.!!!

I will write more on henna tomorrow I have just had a great idea….!!!

But now it's bed for a very early start to the airport in the morning.

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