It's hot.

The cicadas and unknown birds are singing their hearts out. I'm surrounded by lush green trees and the ground foliage is almost waist high. Occasionally from my vantage point I see Zebras, springbok and buffaloes pass by.

The lodge is situated on the edge of Kruger National Park. It is the choice of our friend and travel agent Judith and we've thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Just once in your life you need to do something special like this.

As I mentioned this morning, we leave around 6.00 am to go out on safari…. It was quite cool this morning and it took a while to find animals… but we did sea a leopard,  a number of huge rhinos….(my favorites) and hundreds of smaller animals..

Around 8.00 am we  stopped  at a huge lake and hot chocolate, coffee and fresh muffins are produced from the back of the truck. Its rather nice.

Breakfast is huge and served after we return to the lodge at around 9.30.

We go out again at 4.00 until dark (around 8.00pm)

I've drawn up a few designs, mainly animal based but not quite what you imagine, I'll share the when we get back to Joburg tomorrow when the internet is faster.




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