Have you ever woken in a state of confusion and don't know where you are?

A few minutes to gather my thoughts and I realize I'm not in Scotland like I was dreaming but Johannesburg South Africa and it's not night but early morning.!!!

It happens to me sometimes when I change hotels in short succession. I suppose it's good for your system, it sort of of gets he blood pumping before you even get out of bed.!!!!

Close inspection of our belongings on our arrival last night showed that my moisturizer had been bitten by monkeys. I had little teeth marks on the tube…. so it leaked into my toiletry bag !!!!  Little monkeys!!! Frustrating but a great experience never the less.


Just to finish the tour yesterday, before breakfast, we climbed to the highest peak in the park and sat in silence on ancient sun baked rocks taking in the beauty and solitude.

The guys carried flasks and containers right to the top and produced hot chocolate and tea for our early morning break.

It was a magic way to start a day!!!

The temperature rose quickly and we made our way back to the camp for breakfast.

It's the beginning of summer and the trees are decorated by natures Christmas decorations.


Our Guides were a bit tickled when I asked to film a dung beetle.

I had seen them on documentaries… and there they were as we drove along the track. Small beetles rolling their ball of dung along the road looking like an African game of ten pin bowling.

Fresh Rhino dung was a feast for them, they dug into the pile, made a ball, popped their wife on top of the ball and rolled her down the road…

Now that has to be a story for Alice Isabella.


I had to film it for Kodi, 7 year old boys love that stuff…. (well so did the grandma) !!!


We stopped to visit with a small group of giraffes, then back to the tent to pack, write and relax.

We left with fond memories… lots of design ideas and a monkey teeth marks in my face cream…. what more could I ask.


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  1. ann says:

    This granny enjoyed your dung beetle film also. Thanks for sharing your travels.

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