Is it voyeurism or a cultural experience.?

Is it voyeurism or a cultural experience.?

This is not my first experience in spending time in a township. But we were offered the option yesterday and took it with a little trepidation.

We've had first hand knowledge through our aid project in slums in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and India… we've been in the worst of the worst over the years.

This township has dignity and hope and I plan to revisit to film a project for the Quilt Show.

It was a surprise we ended up there yesterday but in another way it was a gift and we will reciprocate in giving gifts in our own way.

The township is vibrant, busy with small shops on every corner.



I'm missing the little people in my life…and I enjoyed visiting the kindergarten even though they were having their afternoon siesta.

On the wall there is a count down to Christmas… all little people love Christmas.

There was art in one form or another every where… I needed more time.



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