Tea bag art.


I've been experimenting today.

I've promised a  friend that I would investigate ideas for the humble tea bag.

Dried and emptied and pressed, they feel wonderful.

I've illustrated on them successfully.

Now I'll try dying, sewing and quilting them….adding texture, coloring….

I'm going to ask my Sister Jan for some ideas…she is an expert in Hanji. Korean paper art.

Take a look at her blog. Hanji Happenings

I will be doing a small video on this project so I didn't talk about it much while I was traveling.


I bought two largish pieces of this art in South Africa. Take a look at this URL, it's fascinating.

Tea Bag Designs.



It's been a long day, but I made it through without too much drama.

I had to have my car cleaned and I paid for a wash…. (I can vacuum it when I get home, I thought.)

My car has quilting number plates and  couple of ladies waiting for their car to be done asked me if I was a quilter… "We are" they said.

I explained a little and time went by. I looked up and my car was being detailed…. so I popped into the counter and mentioned I had only paid for a clean, but I would pay for the extra…

The ladies I had been chatting too, received their finished car and left.

The proprietor realized they had paid for detailing and the tickets were mixed up.

"Merry Christmas" she said… several times…. it's a gift.!!!!!!

So I had a beautifully cleaned car and my poor new quilting buddies just got the wash… Oh, and they come from another state.

The quilting number plates generated another conversation with a man who owned the place I think…

"I was a politician" he said… my Wife supported me when I was working and she's a quilter so we went to Pennsylvania to look at Quilts.. "It was fascinating" he said.

So you never know where you are going to meet like minded folk…and receive a special car wash…!!

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  1. Audrey says:

    This must be car wash week for quilters. I took my car in for a wash and they had just finished doing some ‘adjustments’ to the wash machine. I got a free car wash as I was the guinea pig to make sure everything was working.

  2. Lynn Spillane says:

    Hanji Happenings web site is fascinating….I’ve been lost in the reading for two hours….must leave for appointments but would rather stay and read more. That’s what I love about you, always teaching us
    something more. Thanks again, and again.

  3. peg in ks says:

    pam i drink tea all the time, hot and cold, so i have a fascination with the tea bag..i hate throwing them away…not i will us them for art…whoo hooo..peg in ks
    ty ty ty

  4. Ecommerce says:

    What a waste šŸ™
    I’ve thrown all of our tea bags knowing that they can be a masterpiece.

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