Funny Day…..

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A friend sent me this today…..

It was an interview I did before I left and I forgot about it.

Take a look. The articles are interesting, produced by one of our quilt events.


I had a much needed hair appointment today and Miss Tilly came with me.

We took photos of ourselves on the Ipad and sent them to our relatives….

The hairdresser didn't have a sense of humor…. I reckon for $160 I could do almost anything in her salon.

Maybe it was because Tilly said "My Mum doesn't come here anymore, she goes to the hairdresser by Woolworths" There was dead silence in the salon…

I was trying not to laugh, and on the other hand wondering what she was gong to say next.!!!


I've been up since 4.00 finishing some class proposals for Houston and now I have to send them express post.

We have  Christmas Carols playing loudly and Tilly is painting,



I think Lionel is getting the 'Works'

Now she's making him a dog scarf….!!!!!!

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  1. peg in ks says:

    sounds like you and tilly had a adventuresome day….peg in ks

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Did you check your hair for a bald spot on the back?… oops, the clippers slipped during Tilly’s comment.

  3. Pam says:

    No, I didn’t Wendy. I didn’t think of that….The hairdresser is young and doesn’t have a any idea how to interact with a little person. Tilly was really matter of fact and I almost choked It was really funny.

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