Where has a year gone….

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No work in the studio today.

We were watching the skies and for once the forecast was correct…. and it rained….but our 'Little People' really enjoyed the first birthdays of their youngest cousins. Lily and Kaiden.

Now that's over, I will work on Christmas.

10 Day Weather Forecast for Adelaide - weather.com

Darn it, it will rain for Christmas day too.

No snow in Australia on Christmas Day, it's summer and we  eat outside. We share it with the Koalas in the tree by the Summer House and the magpies and parrots.

We have a traditional Christmas lunch… Turkey, ham and all the trimmings, but seafood our traditional evening fare.

All I've bought so far is the brandy cream…..!!!  so I have a bit of work to do.

My job now is to co-ordinate the troops and pull it all together.

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