The weekend -  and it's wet and grey.

Is it possible that last week we were out sailing alongside the yachts in the Around the World Yacht Race in Cape Town.

Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 | At arm’s reach_ PUMA and CAMPER within touching distance

The internet shows that they are still racing neck and neck an amazing feat.


Before I left for overseas, I set our magic machine to tape some special programs. One of them was Mastercrafts from the BBC.

I've just finished watching the 'weaving' episode and I just have to share it with you all.

I fell asleep watching it last night and that doesn't mean it was boring… far from it in fact. Actually I was exhausted.

I woke up and couldn't wait to see the end so I began watching it again. Around 10.00 pm, we had a massive storm and the power went out until 3.00 am.

So I've just had the opportunity to see it again.

First of all I love the camera work… stunning. The cameraman and producer took you right into the lives of the 3 young people who were studying weaving for 6 weeks under the tutor ledge of Margo Selby.


  • Margo Selby – Weaver & Woven Textile Designer

    Margo Selby is an award-winning, passionate, woven textile designer who started her career hand weaving on a loom in her bedroom and whose products are now stocked in galleries and shops all over the world.

    Margo develops all of her fabrics on a handloom in a workshop beneath her shop. She would love to spend her life working solely on her traditional handloom but is regretfully aware that this is not a viable sustainable option nowadays. Margo has diversified her business to incorporate a more commercial and affordable brand, which she develops on her hand loom then sends to English mills to be woven to her specifications.

  • If you get the opportunity to see it I know you will enjoy it.
  • The colors and designs are stunning… wonderful for quilters as well as weavers.

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  1. ann says:

    I really enjoyed that series too – several months ago here in the uk. (and don’t you just love Monty Don? ) The colours and patterns of the woven cloth are beautiful.

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