Bayeux Discipline


I have to handle each piece of applique nine times.

1. Create the initial drawing

2. Reverse the pattern and trace it onto fusible web. (I'm using steam a seam lite, single)

3. Select the fabric and iron the pattern to the fabric. I iron twice to make sure the glue is adhered to back of the fabric. This piece is 263 feet long and the applique is adhered prior to quilting.

4. Cut out the applique pieces …accurately….. I use 5" Dovo scissors from Germany.

5. Peel the paper from the back of the applique and iron in place onto the quilt top. That's a simple version… the placement has to be perfect and very accurate.

6. Illustrate the contours on the applique pieces.

7. Applique the image on to the quilt top. I applique and quilt at the same time… but I have to do the back ground quilting around the image.

8. Quilt around it.

9. Illustrate over the quilting.


I photograph each step… but I'm not sharing those….

But these are cute, I just unpacked them from Houston. Antique watch faces. to be sewn on to some of my note book quilts.



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  1. Lynn in Orlando says:

    263 feet is very impressive indeed! I know it is going to be fantastic….I just hope I get to see it and don’t miss it.

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