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Working it through.

I feel like I'm so far behind with everything.

But today I was editing and filing photos, I've added an album  of textures to my face book site.

These images are of an antique Pakistani hat from my collection. I know very little about it… except that I really like the intricacy of the embroidery.

I have quite a collection now… I need to work out how to display them. Any Ideas



Bayeux Discipline.

I'm coming to terms with the 4.00 am start and it's working well right now. I need a break in the middle of the day and then I can keep going. I do other projects after 10.30 am…

I've not worked out how long it's going to take to finish… I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, but progress is good right now. I'm sure my body will adapt in time to the early morning start. (I hope)

Having completed four nine foot test pieces in the past, I have decided to change some of my methods now that the quilt is going to be in one piece. There will be different applique and more quilting.

I hit a snag today,  I wasted almost an hour trying to figure out pieces that I had put onto fusible web.

With fusible web, I'm working back to front and with the incredibly intricate pieces I was doing today… I got lost….it was frustrating.

So, with the intricate appliques, I need to draw each piece on fusible, decide on the color and assemble it straight away.

In the past 4 days, (24 hours)  I have made and assembled 236 applique pieces.

Yes, I do count each piece, and I know how many bobbins of the thread I use and how many needles I use…. when I change a needle.. but it's hard to work out the fabric…so to heck with that….



  1. Suzanne Gummow says

    Hi Pam welcome back
    Hats – my friend has many hats like this and she displays them on special stands that she has made – I will ask her where she gets them made but I think they are quite simple to make and look good
    The pakistan hat I think is from the Sind or Kutch region – north west India near the Pakistan border
    Must try and catch up with you soon


  2. peg in ks says

    for displaying your hats can you get those inexpensive styrofoam wig heads and cover them with some sort of fabric and display each hat on a head…just a thought….


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