Year: 2011

My Summer

  I took a few photos this evening, most of them are up on facebook. I love Aggys it means summer to me.   I mentioned the other day that I have a schedule for myself the "Bayeux Discipline" well I'm not too disciplined, because I want to work on it right now.   I'm just itching to begin, but I can't,  I have 3 other things to set up first. The tea bags designs, The Dublin Quilt, Disruptive Design and 'My America' quilt. The Bayeux quilt is 268 feet long and from every 9 feet section, I have chosen an image to put into a small quilt with the pattern for the book. That's 25 in all. This quilt is very traditional. (although in Birmingham they said it was pictorial)!!!! It's traditional machine applique. But the small quilts will be far from  traditional. Some will be embroidered, some illustrated, some textured and surface design. I have a lot of genres in my repertoire and I'm going to add them all to the book. You …


The weekend -  and it's wet and grey. Is it possible that last week we were out sailing alongside the yachts in the Around the World Yacht Race in Cape Town. The internet shows that they are still racing neck and neck an amazing feat. ——————————————————————————————————— Before I left for overseas, I set our magic machine to tape some special programs. One of them was Mastercrafts from the BBC. I've just finished watching the 'weaving' episode and I just have to share it with you all. I fell asleep watching it last night and that doesn't mean it was boring… far from it in fact. Actually I was exhausted. I woke up and couldn't wait to see the end so I began watching it again. Around 10.00 pm, we had a massive storm and the power went out until 3.00 am. So I've just had the opportunity to see it again. First of all I love the camera work… stunning. The cameraman and producer took you right into the lives of the 3 young people …

Where has a year gone….

  No work in the studio today. We were watching the skies and for once the forecast was correct…. and it rained….but our 'Little People' really enjoyed the first birthdays of their youngest cousins. Lily and Kaiden. Now that's over, I will work on Christmas. Darn it, it will rain for Christmas day too. No snow in Australia on Christmas Day, it's summer and we  eat outside. We share it with the Koalas in the tree by the Summer House and the magpies and parrots. We have a traditional Christmas lunch… Turkey, ham and all the trimmings, but seafood our traditional evening fare. All I've bought so far is the brandy cream…..!!!  so I have a bit of work to do. My job now is to co-ordinate the troops and pull it all together.

Bayeux Discipline

It's quiet and I can sit quietly and enjoy my music. Feeling a little strange this evening, I suddenly realized it's the first time in 2 months that I have had a few hours to myself. Home alone and enjoying the sanction of my studio. I'm a little overwhelmed and don't know where to start because I want to do everything at the same time. !! But I do have to have a schedule, just as if I was on the road. The realization that this is the beginning of my sabbatical and it's actually happening is exciting and a little nerve wracking at the same time. However even at this early stage I need to plan. There's my 'BD' Bayeux Discipline 6 hours a day working on the quilt and that journey will begin again on the 26th of December. 4.00 am till 10.30 am each day with half an hour off for breakfast. That regime is not negotiable, I'm so anxious to get back into the flow of the quilt. 10 days to …

Funny Day…..

A friend sent me this today….. It was an interview I did before I left and I forgot about it. Take a look. The articles are interesting, produced by one of our quilt events. —————————————————————————————————— I had a much needed hair appointment today and Miss Tilly came with me. We took photos of ourselves on the Ipad and sent them to our relatives…. The hairdresser didn't have a sense of humor…. I reckon for $160 I could do almost anything in her salon. Maybe it was because Tilly said "My Mum doesn't come here anymore, she goes to the hairdresser by Woolworths" There was dead silence in the salon… I was trying not to laugh, and on the other hand wondering what she was gong to say next.!!! ——————————————————————————————————— I've been up since 4.00 finishing some class proposals for Houston and now I have to send them express post. We have  Christmas Carols playing loudly and Tilly is painting,   Whoops…. I think Lionel is getting the 'Works' Now she's making him a dog scarf….!!!!!!

Tea bag art.

I've been experimenting today. I've promised a  friend that I would investigate ideas for the humble tea bag. Dried and emptied and pressed, they feel wonderful. I've illustrated on them successfully. Now I'll try dying, sewing and quilting them….adding texture, coloring…. I'm going to ask my Sister Jan for some ideas…she is an expert in Hanji. Korean paper art. Take a look at her blog. Hanji Happenings I will be doing a small video on this project so I didn't talk about it much while I was traveling. I bought two largish pieces of this art in South Africa. Take a look at this URL, it's fascinating. Tea Bag Designs. ———————————————————————————————————– It's been a long day, but I made it through without too much drama. I had to have my car cleaned and I paid for a wash…. (I can vacuum it when I get home, I thought.) My car has quilting number plates and  couple of ladies waiting for their car to be done asked me if I was a quilter… "We are" they …

Pinning the quilt.

Have you ever pieced the back of a quilt, measured, and measured and you definitely have it correct.. The quilt is huge. It's hard to manage so when you have the back stretched you maneuver the batting and get that looking wonderful…. Put the quilt top in place, smooth it nicely and  XXXXXXX   you are 1" out. It's too darn short. So you go outside and pull out weeds muttering.   SMILE