Bayeux Discipline, Bosham Church Quilt.

Working on the small Bosham Church Project.

I've done this a little differently to  my original quilt..

I decided to try a small blanket stitch. No 45 on the Janome Horizon, 1.4 stitch width, 1.5 stitch length. It looks OK, but I don't like it much. It's not as neat as I would like it to be.

By that I don't mean the Janome stitch which is fabulous… but the overall appearance and for the Original Quilt I need precision stitching.

I'm quilting the background on the turquoise in the same manner as I did on the main quilt. A random cross hatch.

I marked the fabric with a white marker….. approximately every 1"… that gives me a rough guide for the stitch line, it's easy to end up sideways……!!!!  I want it to have movement. The whole Bayeux Tapestry is "wobbly" so I figure straight lines distract from the basic images.

When I get to the edge of the main applique, I often go around it…. (the roof for example on this piece) and in this case I have done so. I have a few tricks for covering stitches that skip off the edge and take your eye…"OOOh I've missed that part"

Once I've finished the vertical lines I will cross hatch.

The border will be quilted in circles like the roof of the Church. (free-motion)



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  1. Eileen Keane says:

    I give you so much credit for taking on a project of this magnitude. I think what you’re doing is so great! I can’t get over it. I haven’t been able to all the way back, so I’d like to ask you what made you decide to do this quilt?

  2. peg in ks says:

    Pam, you are simple amazing….i like what you are doing with the little church…i love your work….peg in ks

  3. peg in ks says:

    i meant simply…it is new years eve you know and need i say more…sorry…

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