Light box.


The new light-box has met all my expectations. It's sheer luxury.

I have two studios… 40 meters apart. One is for doing my illustrations and also houses my library, however, I need some of my Bayeux books as I work, running back and forth or having them spread on the table isn't working so I bought this new bookcase from IKEA yesterday.

This works well too. I really need the books and files on hand, now I can just reach for them.

In saying this, I get rather precious about my projects and they are never left in either of the studios when I leave the house… The accompany me to a safe place where neither flood nor fire could damage them.

100's of feet of drawings (patterns) are also stored safely… I can't imagine how I would feel if I lost them.



I now have the opportunity to showcase the special gifts given to me by Carolyn, who sends me the gorgeous stuff for my birthday.

I treasure them all.




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